Editor’s Notes

QXTHello kiddies. Admittedly, I'm starting this issue a little late. I blame it all on QXT in Newark - you see, if I haven't had such a great time there the past few weekends, I'd have a lot more time to dedicate to Legends and wouldn't be starting this issue only two days away from September. So you swing by their new website, it's at, and yell at them about their Blasphemy night and how it's taking away time from your favorite zine. Or something.

FockewolfeFockewolf and Noxious Emotion put on a grand show last weekend there. Congratulations to both bands for an amazing, energy-filled performance. And for their dedication of Indefinite & Unspecified to me. To read more about Noxious Emotion check out the last issue of Legends which ran both an interview and multiple reviews of their releases.

This month Julian Draven appears once again with the continuing saga of his ill-fated trip to Las Vegas. Richard Lovig returns to the storywriting fray with his (sort of) Fairy Tale and Dan Century, Jett Black and myself are into the music once again. On the latter vein, I'm afraid I had to push up the review/interview packs for Licorice and Vampire Nation due to a missed deadline on their interviews, but I'll have them soon. Apologies to both outfits.

Delve in kids and thanks for reading!

Photography of Fockewolf & Noxious Emotion from their August 21st QXT appearance courtesy of Whispers in the Dark Imagery and club QXT, 248 Mulberry St. Newark, NJ, (973) 643-3996. For more information write

Noxious Emotion