Well, that's it this month kids. The issue size is much smaller than the last few, as I've stated in last month's Afterword. I am however looking around for a pre-press/printing house, so Legends may be hitting newstands and magazine racks one of these days.

Next month will hold more music reviews by yours truly, Rat Bastard, JohnnyB and some live coverage by Klaatu. In the future Robert McGarry will join us in the review department and Mister -X- will step back up to do it again as well (his last review was way back in issue #77 from April of last year). Richard Lovig will also bring back The Analog Kid (see "The Undead Kid" which kicked off in issue #79) and I'll have some more book reviews. I also hope to bring back the Albinor Chronicles and Songs of Albinor - the former hasn't been seen since issue #86 (Chapter 28 - "Opening Of The Book") and the latter issue #79 (Number 16 - "Flicker, Flitter, Fly"). I'll also be browsing around Klaatu's and Julian Draven's sites for more from them.

Peace, love and all the trimmings…

Marcus Pan
September 28, 1999 @ 3:00AM