Film Review

“The Spirit, Body & Mind”

By Dan Century

This is my first video review. Videos allow the artist to expand upon their sonic vision. Video reviews allow me to write more obnoxious reviews for Legends. So be it! To the best of my knowledge, The Spirit, Body and Mind is a compilation of modest budget videos produced by three underground Texan bands, and speaking of Texas, George Bush Jr. is a wiener.

Hexenhaus - "Assemblage of the Desolate"
"Assemblage" has everything you could possibly want in a "gothic" video: it's shot in black and white (which is not a cost cutting measure, I assure you), then there's the candles, the backlit cross, the x-tian imagery, dry ice fog...oh, this video has it all! In other words, it's a tad bit overdone in the "I'm spooky" department. Way too much symbolism. The singer (there's no band, so I assume he is the band) is dressed in a tattered robe a lot like the tattered robes Ozzy Osbourne wears. Um...on to the next video!

Push - "Writhe"
Nudity is a pretty cool thing. "Writhe" is chock full of nudity. Nude nude nude women in bondage situations in particular, which is wonderful if you're into that sort of thing. Lots of whips, suggested lesbianism, prone buttocks and high heels. It looks like Push appropriated footage from a Something Weird Video* like Wrasslin' She Babes Vol. 9. Most of the video is over-processed to the point of posterization, which is a very cool effect considering the budget. Every video should be just like this.

The music accompanies the video well. It's minimalist, sexy electronica like old My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult. Push makes the awful mistake of inserting themselves into the video - live footage of the band with the "cheesy acid trip effect filter" pushed to overload.

Furnace - "Electrical Shutdown"
Furnace is all about props: intense makeup, burn victim masks, PVC tubing and other construction debris. This guy literally is covered with plastic hoses, metal pieces and tattered rags. Fuck Wal-Mart! This guy shops for clothes at the dumpster behind Wal-Mart! Furnace looks like a shopping bag lady that ran through an abandoned construction site and grabbed everything she could carry...then the building collapsed in on her and the fire melted her face... yeah! It's a very intense look.

Most of the video is comprised of short clips of burning oil fields, people in gas masks, raging fires, growing bacteria and chemical refineries. The sound is very Skinny Puppy like, as you might imagine, which is appropriate considering the imagery and Furnace's wacky costumes.

I'm 45% sure I saw this guy open for Course of Empire in Dallas but I could be wrong.