Yes. I know. I'm sorry. I really busted my ass tonight though…finished the entire issue (excepting the Table Of Contents which is, obviously, done last) in two minutes shy of an hour. Well, it's two minutes shy of an hour right now - so I still have to write this. Say no more than an hour and twenty, and that will probably sum it up. I think that's a record. Also, I'll do my best to have the copies made tomorrow and then get them all out to you by Wednesday. Yes, really. Now, in the honored tradition of all pathetic latecomers, I offer my excuse…

Recently changed jobs/companies and am now working on Park Ave. in Manhattan. It's pretty good there - but the commute time for me is more than doubled being I'm from New Jersey. Which, in and of itself, is probably an ok thing - downtime after work and all. But, nonetheless, it takes some big chunks out of Legends' time. So I've been dealing with that. I'm hoping to get more used to it and still have the same amount of time I used to - but that'll take going right to work every night as soon as I get home. Dinner? What dinner? (sigh)

Ah, well, to make up for this month's later issue, I present the Music Madness issue ending off the year of '99. Reviews and interviews from nearly the whole staff - Dan Century, Jett Black, debuts of new members Robert M. McGarry and Mike Ventarola (his first official review - the Re-Review he did this issue was actually a letter-to-the-editor sort of thing). Rat Bastard will be there as well, and I have scheduled at least one review by oldster Mister -X-. I'll have a bit to say in that musical vein also. Bands you'll see include 13 Mg., Ominous Erotica, Gropius, AFX and more. Seventeen bands in all.

All other features will be suspended so I can run out this pure-music special - Grandal's "Night Wind Rising" will return in issue #94. More of R. Patrick Murtha's ghost stories and a new fiction debut by a new writer. So I'll see you then kids. I need to print this biznatch…

Marcus Pan
November 2, 1999 @ 12:38AM