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The Azoic - "Where Broken Angels Lie"

By Mike Ventarola

Where Broken Angels LieAlthough this article pointed out a valid point such as "the provision of sufficiently creepy dark music," I have to contend about the "vocalists don't really stand out from the hosts of others."

As a consumer who has in fact purchased this music, I find the utilization of sampling to be quite subliminal in regards that it is the first thing that stands out after the first listen. These little snippets often replay in the mind so that you have to return for another listen to grasp what is taking place within the context of the song.

As for the vocals, the compressed sinister ambience is what makes this disc stand out from a lot of others. Although the female vocals are not something that would be deemed as technically impressive, again the charm and strength lies in the fact of her delivery of the spoken lyric as it stands against the backdrop of the somber tones and dark weaving.

Other groups of the genre who are labeled as darkwave usually have a consistent formula which is to put the listener to sleep from my experience thus far. The Azoic doesn't do this. They make one sit up and really listen. There are fleeting sounds that actually creep up your spine to provide a delightful fright that some other groups have not achieved.

Of all the darkwave I have purchased and sampled, I could truly imagine The Azoic being carefully placed in a horror movie soundtrack providing the audience with just the right timbre of chills.

Also, Halloween would not be complete without this music playing in the background.

Contact Information:
Post: Nilaihah Records, Attn: The Azoic, 401 E. Oakland Ave., Columbus, OH, 43202

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