By now some of you have undoubtedly heard the rumors that Legends Magazine may shut down not much longer from now. Undoubtedly some of you laughed that off - hell, Legends is nearing its tenth year and 100th issue. Today we're going to discuss this rumor, the fact that this rumor is quite actually true albeit undecided and why it came about.

The first thing I figure is simple. 100 issues, or just about that many, is quite enough, isn't it? And with the proliferation of zines both on and off the Internet out there, I don't think the lack of one's continuing is going to be all that missed. Ten years to do this thing, which is now being reprinted without permission at many locations and in many shit-n-drivel web sites, and I think I've reached the point where I'm done. Last night I finished putting this issue together - all but this here Afterword and the Table of Contents that is. 45 pages of nothing but music this issue. So I get to work this morning and I surf around a bit - and I see my feature article on some web site somewhere. I see the same thing with other items as well - assigned reviews showing up on other servers before we at Legends print them - again regardless of the fact that in some cases the music supplied to the reviewer for the purpose of the review was also received from Legends.

I don't understand this. I really don't. I've never had a problem with providing any and all material once printed in Legends so that it may appear elsewhere. But goddamn it - when I supply a fucking CD, and in some cases bought the thing, ship it to a reviewer who writes a review and then suddenly Shits'N'Giggles Magazine is running it a month before I do, I have a problem with this. A big goddamn problem with this. I feel cheated by this. I really do. I feel betrayed, cheated - and frankly I'm sick of it. You think it was easy to open up an issue of a local zine in my area and see an interview I busted my ass to get not only reprinted without permission, but reprinted with my name in magnification-required reading size and someone else's name in for-the-blind-big-ass-type as an "edited by?"

Seeing my upcoming "feature" today has lead me into a slump. One that I'm not so sure I can get out of. So by issue 95, maybe 100 if I have enough material to keep going for a bit (there are writers and bands that have submitted that would still like to see their stuff in print and I will do that before I drop this rag), and at that point I will be looking at the very real, very fathomable and, at this point in the game goddamn happy-to-do-it, possibility of shutting down Legends Magazine.

I'm getting way too old, jaded and cynical for this shit…

By the way, issue 94 will have plenty for those that aren't as interested in the music. Reinaldo Grandal will return with the second part of "Night Wind Rising." My Off The Shelf book review column will return and we will debut our newest fiction writer, Sue Simpson. R. Patrick Murtha and other essayists come back to the fray. So we'll see you then - I'm going to rage blindly against the cynicism. At least for a few more months - maybe till I die. Regards…

Marcus Pan
11/22/99 @ 1:55PM