Editor’s Notes

Well, it's been a bitch to find a font style for this issue. I swear the goddamn things are multiplying in my computer - every time I go to pick a font there seems to be more of them. Also I've switched to a new filing system here at the Legends office. But that's boring.

Most of the really-cool-type-stuff has been behind the scenes. Hiring and firing new reviewers to the staff…promoting to new bands as a possible place to get a review of their work…the Legends/IPM Band Of The Week ( is continuing it's run and has passed its four month anniversary. Lots going on behind the zine itself…

A lot of people gave me what I've expected as the millennium approached. "You know, you should have issue 100 at the beginning of the millennium!!!" To those sillyheads I point out that I obviously had no way of knowing that I'd be continuing this thing and that it would go on as long as the coming of the new millennium so how was I supposed to time the issue? And I also would like to point out that, technically, the new millennium begins on January 1st, 2001…not 2000.

We have tons of music this issue as you can see - matter of fact, that's all we have. With all the new staff writers, I'm falling behind in printing music related stuff - all the help from these guys has been tremendous. So this issue is dedicated to them: Dan Century, Robert McGarry, JohnnyB, Rat Bastard, Mike Ventarola, R. Patrick Murtha, Jett Black and Mister -X-. And thanks to Macross and Jumpsteady for the idea of the Band Of The Week partnership, and the others at In Perpetual Motion Radio that kept it going. Thanks to Peter Carvey and Ken Kelly who, admittedly, I haven't known very long but who has turned me on to some new music and made my settling into a new career path - somewhat of a daunting thing when you consider it - that much easier. Thanks also to Laura and Sophia - the former of which supports my eclectic music tastes and even humors my Legends accomplishments, and the latter of which understands I have so much work to do that she never hogs the computer as most girls her age might so that I can do it. Thanks to my father who actually reads this thing, and has allowed me to try and get him into some new music - the latest success of which was My Scarlet Life. And thanks to him for letting me disappear in my room when I still lived there for days at a time so I can keep this thing going for so many years. There's also Jaken Steele, who has been around and helped the magazine grow in its formative years. Thanks to Scott for helping me out when server expertise was required and to Aaron for first hosting us. And all the support from the bands who submitted and still submit for review, to all the readers who have made this zine something I feel people enjoy, to alt.gothic for all the great articles (I'm coming back soon!) and to all the others that have, over the years, contributed materials in one way, shape or form.

I think I'll stop now. Peace, love and all the trimmings… (But Not the Fat!)

Marcus Pan
11/21/99 @ 6:00PM