Band Review


by Mike Ventarola

GossamerBy the time you read this you may have heard something about the sensational band Gossamer from Ohio. These young artists have single handedly been on top of the gothic charts at for the last few months. Their two Eps, Sweetest Misery and Memoirs: A Premonition have been staying within the top ten spot for sales for the same length of time, usually holding the top two spots. Their web page is at

A major coup for this band came about when they were placed on the Cleopatra compilation The Unquiet Grave in which their song Run (remixed by Wayne Hussey of Sisters of Mercy fame) was featured. The original darker version of this song is featured on the Memoirs EP.

Despite the band being placed within the gothic category, their sound could be best described as dark pop. They blend a style of gothic and trip hop on some songs while also utilizing more classical Celtic sounds for some of their ballads. It is not often that a total marriage of vocals and instrumentals come together to draw the listener in with the degree that this band has. The first noticeable thing that stands out is the lead vocalist, Chris Gray, who has a deep, seductive and masculine sound that would make anyone swoon. Mr. Gray manages to transform lyrics into realms of subtle passion and pain. The lyrics themselves are at times wrist slashers and among some of the more mournful that I have heard in quite some time. A whole new genre of Erotic Existentialism could actually built around their entire sound. Despite the stark lyrics, one cannot come away from listening to this music without feeling they have been totally seduced by the voice from the speaker. This is truly auditory sex if ever there was such a thing.

The irony is that those who are not gothic music fans have also been enraptured by these songs. I tested the songs out on many people from all backgrounds both at work and at home. The age ranges were from the early twenties to the mid fifties. Amazingly, everyone that heard them really got into their sound whether their major form of musical preference was rap, hip hop, techno or heavy metal.

The young talent involved in the band are:

Chris Gray - lead vocals, 12 string guitar, 6 string baritone bass, programming
Aran Grooms - bass, background vocals, programming
John McCluskey - keys, background vocals, programming
Michael Manard - guitar, programming

Expect great music to continue to come from these musical giants. Buy their EPs; you won't be disappointed.

Contact Information:
Post: I.D. Entertainment, PO Box 3283, Columbus, Ohio 43210
Phone: (614) 481-8794