Well, that's it this month. A few pages short from last month, but that's the way of things around here. You never know. I'm finishing this issue the day after Xmas. So I've worked through my "holiday" (as if this time of year can ever be one of those with all the bullshit running around one must do) to bring you the January issue on time, so I expect a lot of love. Or something. Nevermind.

Next month we'll have another decent mix of material for all of you. I'll continue reviewing King's Dark Tower series in my Off The Shelf column. I'll also take a look at more music including an interview and review of new Salem, Mass. Band Coven XIII. Dan Century and Mike Ventarola will appear with their music reviews as well and R. Patrick Murtha will return with more paranormal fun and BlueZ will tell us why "Blood is GAF." Reinaldo E. Grandal will return with the third part of "Night Wind Rising" and Sue Simpson will return with her latest, "The Thirteenth Station." So stay tuned.

I'll see you next month. Dinner's here. Mmm…Chinese food.

Peace, love and all the trimmings… (but NOT the FAT!)

Marcus Pan
December 26th, 1999 @ 6:03PM