Editor’s Notes

Sliding into the 21st century and second millennium! I never thought about it much when I was a kid, but it's pretty cool to be older than the current millennium. Of course we have all this Y2K hooplah - who knows, maybe the world will blow up. Maybe I'm writing this all for naught or null or void or whatever terminology you'd like to use. I can at least say we ran right up to the end of the world…

But all downtrodden cynicism aside - onward ho with Legends #94. This month I'm trying to reopen a lot on the literature side - sure the music is still there, all over actually, but I have stories this month from Grandal, Murtha, Simpson and more. So huzzah to those that want a little bit of spooky reading.

Also be sure to try out our new address on the World Wide Web: Additionally, plans are in the works for a complete redesign of Legends Online. Additionally, after concentrating for nearly five years on the web site portion of Legends, we are now going to look at expanding our print distribution. If you have a record/indie/label/whatever shop that would like to carry issues of Legends Magazine on your shelf, drop me a line at For bands/labels wanting to get the word out, an advertising price list is available as well. Full steam baybee…

Onward and upward, catch 'ya on the back page.

Marcus Pan
December 20, 1999 @ 11:19PM