CD Review

Lord Goth and the Darkness - "Azrael Calls"

By Marcus Pan

There are many facets to any new musical outfit. First and foremost, is the music. It is by this that a creation will stand or fall. But other things that will effect the outcome must be taken into consideration - music is, after all, a creative endeavor and therefore requires much in the way of ingenuity to succeed. Examples that would come to mind that show creativity above the music itself would be Noxious Emotion's work on their CD jackets and presentation - the way their releases of Symbols and Count Zero mesh the music with the artwork. Or you can consider the work of past rocker Alice Cooper or Kiss - the make-up, characters that may be created for stage use, etc. Lucid Dementia utilize a puppet onstage as their lead singer, for example. Suffice to say that the characters one may represent, if any, while performing one's music can be quite effective in your success - or failure.

Lord Goth and the Darkness is the creative work of "The Darkness" (aka Andreas Grimstoche) and "Lord Goth." On the jacket is a small story reminiscent of nearly every creation theory you might have ever heard, whether it be in the pages of a bible or a science textbook. Even the band name itself - "Lord Goth and the Darkness." And the title of their initial release, a four track EP entitled Azrael Calls. The stench of limburger rose to such heights that it choked the angels. Just how much of the story regarding Lord Goth's demi-godness he considers true is unknown - nonetheless I spun it. Hell, if Alice Cooper could call himself "Vincent Fuckface" onstage and claim he's a different person…if Kiss can go through a gallon of white paint in one show…and if Lucid D can create a female alien puppet as their lead singer, surely no trespasses may be made, regardless of the cheezy flavor, against Lord Goth and his entourage.

Azrael CallsThe music on Azrael Calls is nothing near what I expected. It is a metal style production, taking influence from Ozzy Osborne, Iron Maiden and other 80s metallic fare. And frankly, it's quite good. Upon the start of the nominal first track, Azrael Calls, I thought of Ratt. I was actually kind of hesitant about reviewing this for Legends - the music format is very different. But because it does have somewhat of a dark mood and the name of the band begins with "Lord Goth," I figured what the hell. Track 3, Smokescreen, has a James Hetfield (Metallica) vocal style with Faith No More power-chord guitars throughout. The bass line is simple yet powerful. The second track, Hymn of the Apocalypse, is a failed and droning attempt to combine this same heavier glam-guitar style with chant/spoken word vocalizations.

The bottom line? Lord Goth and his friend Darkness are a metal band with influences from the harder side (Metallica, Iron Maiden, Ozzy, Type O Negative) and from the lighter, glammier side (Ratt, Kiss, Alice Cooper) with a strong dose of character play thrown in. The guitars are heavy yet standard and, while it's good metal, it's nonetheless more metal. The music format's off for a Legends review - but y'all know how much I enjoy cheese.

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