January, 2000


Editor's Notes

Killing Miranda - "Blessed Deviant"
Killing Miranda - "Blessed Deviant"
A Murder Of Angels - "While You Sleep"
Nine Inch Nails - "The Fragile"
V/A - "Visions of the Apocalypse"
Clan of Xymox - "Hidden Faces"
Alien Sex Fiend - Two Releases
Curve - "Chinese Burn"
Audio Paradox - "The Iniquity of Time"
Lord Goth and the Darkness - "Azrael Calls"
LIVE: Das Ich Live, Washington D.C.

Killing Miranda

The Dark Tower I - "The Gunslinger"
The Dark Tower II - "The Drawing of The Three"

Beauty and the Beast

The Cruelest Month
Death By Nightmare

Night Wind Rising - Part 2
Dark Solitude

The Indian

Albinor Chronicles Chapter 29 - "Return to the Steppes"

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