Blood is GAF

By blueZ

Oh, but of course. This is something which people do not question. But why *is* it GAF? Let me count the ways...

1. Associated with death (which is GAF). Lack thereof causes it.
2. Blood deficiency (not enough) can cause weakness and illness, which is also GAF.
3. It contains iron, which is commonly used to make G*thic decorations.
4. It contains white blood cells, which kill invading organisms, not unlike the G*ths (big G).
5. It runs thicker than water, not unlike English beer, which is also GAF.
6. It makes the grass grow, as do corpses, which are also GAF.
7. It can be made into blood pudding, which is kind of intimidating-looking (thus very GAF).
8. It's hard to see in the dark (not unlike g*ths).
9. If there's a puddle of it on the ground, you can slip and fall on it, causing pain, which of course is GAF.
10. You can use it to paint with, which creates art, which is GAF.
11. It acts as hydraulic fluid in the body, which is sort of industrial, which due to a general confusion between the two, is also GAF.
12. It can transmit disease, which is a trait it shares with some particularly skanky g*ths.
13. It's roughly the same color as dead roses, which are GAF.
14. Red blood cells look a little like donuts, and there was a vampire movie called Blood and Donuts, which had that Concrete Blonde song and David Cronenberg in it, both of which are unquestionably GAF.
15. Like a g*th, when it's drunk, it causes trouble.