Editor’s Notes

Hi kiddies. You might notice things a bit different this month - I have a lot of mailings to do this month so I'm trying to save a bit of cash by reducing font sizes a bit. That doesn't mean that the articles themselves are going to change, oh no. It means that issue sizes may decrease just a little - while still giving you the same in-depth look at today's indie music, books, rants and the like - always and as usual. I'm just trying not to pump out 50 page issues anymore because the wad of cash I drop when I do hurts. Physically. Badly. No, really - it does. Makes me cry.

This month we feature Coven 13 who hail from Salem, Mass. Pianist Amanda and singer/songwriter Teissan join me in a chat to discuss their debut release, Book Of Shadows, as well as future ideas, their pasts and more. Also lots more reviewed this month by myself and my staffers. Keep your music coming in folks.

For those that have been searching for me online via ICQ and/or AIM, I haven't been available lately simply because I haven't had a healthy day in over a month. Flu, colds, food poisoning (not kidding) - this is probably the worst Winter I've had all my life. So in order to make sure this issue gets out to all you waiting folks on time I'm all-nighting tonight from sundown to sunrise. I still have some coffee left. The plan is to pump out as much of this issue as I can before I collapse. I'll increase my online hours again once my health gets better and depression fades.

So enjoy this month's issue. There's lots here. And keep the music, fiction, essays and more coming!

Peace, love and all the trimmings…(but NOT the FAT!)

Marcus Pan
January 23, 2000 @ 4:50AM EST