Editor’s Notes

Hello kiddies. It has been one hell of a past couple weeks. To give you an indication, I've done two all-nighters in the past four days. I'm not dead yet and I'm still plugging along, but I really loaded way too much up on my plate. It's said you're only as young as you feel - I've aged two decades in four days.

Onward and upward, a bit o' news for you. As you know the address is fully functional. But one of the reasons why I'm late in coming out with this issue is the entire site was redesigned. It's easier to navigate, boasts new features like the Digital Press, advertisement space, Legends/IPM Band Of The Week calendar, monthly feature quick-view and the new Underground Low-Down daily news area. Check it out. I'm quite proud of it.

Another chunk outta the time was the move of all of my World Wide Web sites from to a new host. Now everything I have is accessible under I'll be doing a press release shortly, which will appear in the April issue. Here's some key URLs for you all to update your bookmarks with:

The Pan Pages -
Pan's Downloads -
The Net.Goth Directory -
Surreal RAYn -
Eye Kandy / EKNet -
The Serpent's Inn -
A.G.S-F U.S. East -
Alt.gothic.binaries FAQ - (recently revised!)
Alt.gothic Special Forces FAQ -

You should be able to figure out the rest by the pattern here…

We have some fine stuff in this issue. Reinaldo E. Grandal finishes up his spooky tale, "Night Wind Rising." Also wrapping up this issue is "The Thirteenth Station" by Sue Simpson. I take a look at the last available episode of King's "The Dark Tower" in Off The Shelf this month and there's enough music here to fill your CD player for some time. Of special note is our feature artist this month - Joe Renzetti of San Francisco. The Changelings talk to us also as Rat B. waxes on about their "Terra Firma" release. Tri-State Killing Spree's awesome album, "Happy, Death, Heaven" gets high accolades by yours truly. And there's just so much more so read on.

Peace, Love and all the trimmings… (but NOT the FAT!)

Marcus Pan
Editor And Sleep Deprivation Guinea Pig

March 5, 2000 @ 7:47AM