CD Review

V/A - "Listening In Solitude"

By Dan Century

Listening in SolitudeDJ Faithless provides a slice of pre-millennium dance madness with the distribution of Listening In Solitude. The disc is a taste of the music from inside Isolation, a Dallas area monthly Gothic/Industrial event. It is broken down to 12 tracks that are in 3 sections from separate Isolation events over the past year. This disc was provided to me for review, so I am not even sure if this is something that can be purchased or not. I have tried to access DJ Faithless' web page which is temporarily down as of this writing.

The most important thing about this body of work is that it is an actual recording from inside a Goth/Industrial club. For the under 18 crowd this can furnish a taste of what is happening in the clubs you want to get into but just can't at the moment due to age restrictions. It is a shame that many other DJ's in the Gothic realm have been unable to accomplish this as this musical venue is an absolute joy to listen to repeatedly. Putting "legalities" aside for a moment, by allowing DJ's to sample their mixing talents, they also expose a larger population to a broad range of music that might otherwise not be heard. Due to this disc, there are quite a number of bands that I will be seeking out quite soon.

Each section is handsomely mixed by Faithless to render just over an hour's worth of sampled delicacies. Each track is a stellar performer, but when mixed with such prestidigitation, they are flawless.

If you are in the Dallas area, keep an eye open for the next event and go listen, dance and have fun!

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