CD Review

Pulsar Bleu - "1999"

By Mike Ventarola

Pulsar BleuPeriodically this reviewer will scour the corners of and in search of unsigned artists who have something really great to deliver to the world. Pulsar Bleu is among this group. This is a solo project of Wolfgang Friedl from Ingolstadt, Germany. Friedl manages to create lush atmospheres reminiscent to Enigma, but with a more futuristic slant. If you like Enigma, you will adore Pulsar Bleu. His technique utilizes for most of the recordings: Korg m1, Casio fz1, Nord modular, Roland jv 1010, Roland vm 3100pro, Cubase, Ews 64 xl, Sony dat, pc pII 400, Cyrix 166, and Atari st. The artist does not use "rebirth."

Rain deftly begins this disc with sounds that transport you to a lush wooded glen. You can almost reach out and feel the water covered leaves in this tropical hide away. In between the music, natural sounds are incorporated to provide an almost 3-D element. There is also a light percussion to give a hint of a groove. All the essences of being within a natural paradise are somehow squeezed into the soundscapes of this tune that you wish it would never end.

1974…sex on the streets utilized sound byte samples from our not so distant past. It plays in an ominous fashion as a reminder of politics and religion exploiting music as a witch hunt for all of society's ills. This gently reminds us to cherish our freedom and never allow "authority" to determine what we should listen to or determine as "art."

A.T.H.E. was the first song that I actually ever sampled from this artist that had me totally hooked on his brilliance. He incorporates sound bytes of HAL from 2001 Space Odyssey as well as other areas. This is a juxtaposition of futurism and some of our past tragedies such as the Hindenburg explosion. HAL gently reminds us that "it can only attributable to human error." Our world that is densely reliant upon machines must never forget that the mechanisms are only as good as those who program them.

Pulsar BleuLiven is more somber and reflective. Vocal intonations dance between the layers of sound to provide yet again another moderately mid tempo groove while still remaining true to its genre. As the artist states, "many people are alive but few know how to live." The male/female voices seduce the listener and wash over you with sensual abandon.

Nighttrain uses a banjo to represent the wheels of a train that follows us through our nocturnal journey to nowhere. We are in total solitude as the scenes from the environment fly past the open door of a box car. The fact that the artist would use a banjo as opposed to any of the electronic sound effects he had at his disposal yet again demonstrates his passion and desire to provide full bodied aural landscapes.

Apostasy uses Gregorian chants, guitar and keyboard effects to create a sense of introspection to decipher where we are individually. We are musically guided to question our faith and allegiance to any cause, be it religious, political or personal.

Eternal Woman is "not a love song," according to the artist. Again we have a percussive groove layered under light vocals, somber flutes, and whispers. In its own right, this tune plays very erotically while the dialogue in the background laments poetically about the aging process.

Listening to Pulsar Bleu will bring to mind an essence of a spiritual bath awashed by dulcet sounds. It is a sensuous exploration into our psyche. We are seduced and comforted at the same time by one who seems to be in control of higher ideals than your average man on the street. Some of the songs with a more percussive groove could actually be utilized for club play. Each song stayed within the parameters of its theme while we are mute witness to the effects. Pulsar Bleu composes musically what artist Red Grooms creates tactilely. These 7 songs represent a new era of 3-D for the mental cinema. This work is HIGHLY recommended for those who seek a full bodied tonal experience.

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