What's Spinning (Too)?

TONS of music reviews, many by heavy hitter Mike Ventarola, as Legends Magazine attempts to catch up on the slew of music reviews received. Keep them coming in, I could get used to this! Also, Reinaldo E. Grandal continues "Eater" which kicked off this month. R. Patrick Murtha returns with more ghosts and I review an old classic in Off The Shelf. PLUS an in-depth interview with Glampire!

On the other side of things, I'm still trying to get the hardcopy pro-print/distro version off the ground. But I suck at selling. Anyone who would like to make a bit of extra money on the side, I'm looking at creating a sales staff to help me sell advertising space to finance the hardcopy venture. Contact me at or write me care of the address on page 2. And anyone interested in advertising - the price list is in the Editor's Notes of this issue. Any help would be appreciated! It's been ten years - it's about time the cover goes glossy and distribution becomes a reality.

I'd finance it personally, but there's another thing happening - I think I'm buying a house. No, seriously - a real fuckin' house. You see, Macross and I want to do some IPM Radio Pool Parties. Unfortunately to do that we need a pool. So I found a pool - but it comes in this package deal with the house. So I have to buy this house. So I can't finance Legends personally.*

That's about it for now kids. So I'll see you next month!

Marcus Pan
March 29, 2000
12:39 AM
(On time!)

* All portions of this paragraph are true. However, the order of events, segues and other nuances might have been rearranged. I apologize profusely, but blame it on Wilde - he got me into Burroughs again. Off The Shelf on "Interzone" coming soon!