CD Review

Platform One - "Platform One"

By Mike Ventarola

Platform OnePlatform one currently provides an 8 track EP of songs that will be featured on their full CD Confessions of The Sorrow Tree. The release is scheduled for later this year. Founded in 1992, Platform One has undergone a few line up changes and is now a duo of V. Nigel Taylor and Amadea Nickrenz.. This band is Rhode Island's best kept secret about to be revealed. The lush musical compositions and textures really make this a worthwhile outing.

Listening to this band brings back feelings of nostalgia. The compositions contained herein do in fact take into account all that was good during the early Synthpop/Gothic/New Wave eras. All the elements are mixed up in a musical cauldron to render some enjoyable and unique songs. If you can imagine taking the following artists: The Cure, Duran Duran, Talk Talk, Japan/David Sylvian, Depeche Mode, Barry Manilow, The Psychedelic Furs and Ultravox, only then will you truly understand the breadth of musical expanse this group converged into one sound.

Standing opens with dark orchestral synthesizers that weave a mid-tempo dance rhythm underneath. Encantra further extrapolates early gothic, spooky minor chords, which I absolutely adore. I only wished that this song was much longer. This is the only track without any vocals and is a stand out piece that could yield well on a dark ambient compilation somewhere down the road.

Platform OneScared is more atmospheric initially. It is haunting with a subtle layer of synthesizer work carefully woven into the texture of the song. Naked continues with a dark wave, synth-pop hybrid that is somewhat reminiscent to Chris Rhea, but is a standout track that could become the major hit for this band in terms of cross-over appeal.

A Time Without Decay is another fantastic song with elements of playful eerie goth, synth-dance rhythms and phenomenal foreground and background vocals and harmonies. The Haunting of Your Love incorporates subtle electronic/industrial fusion with gothic layering over synth-dance, making this yet another midnight club cut.

Can't Go Back is reminiscent of Switchblade Symphony during their Serpentine Gallery era. It is a great song with a driving, infectious mid tempo dance beat. I found myself rocking in my seat every time I listened to it. This song could also be earmarked as a hit. The Ending is a moody, atmospheric and gentle body of work incorporating ambient and gothic orchestrations. It gives rise to a vision of floating on a dark fluffy cloud during a somnolent moment.

Overall, Platform one harvested a delightful blend of songs for this EP that should win them many admirers. This music gallery contains some of the most ambitious cross over appeal that should delight fans of Pop, Dance and Gothic cultures. I would hope that this band features more foreground vocal work of the backup vocalists who seem to have the strength to carry the music to another level. As a new enthusiast of this band, I am anticipating their full release since this EP only served to whet my appetite for their industrious body of work.

Visit their website for audio clips, and photos. Visit Newport for its scenery, but not it's scene.

Contact Information:
Post: Platform one, 51 Warner St., Newport, RI, 02840
Phone: (401) 846-8162