By Marcus Pan

That about does it for issue #98 kids. Next month we'll continue Reinaldo E. Grandal's Eater, Sue Simpson will return with another short story - and a frightening one at that - Breakfast In Bed is sure to gouge your inner demons. RPM is back as well with one of my favorites - Bad Moon - one can't help to wonder just how much of this one is true and how much is fiction…

A new writer is about to debut in the future - probably in issue 100 I think. Timly Grae, alt.gothic regular, brings forth his new domino series. Currently two stories strong, and hopefully more coming soon, he'll open his Legends career with Coin, a story I just about fell in love with when it appeared in my favorite Usenet hangout a year (or more?!) back.

Of course our new vitriol-laced columnist, the Mean Little Man himself, will be back. Last I heard he's working in his lab on theories surrounding a man we'll call Rat Boy and effects of judicial piles o' stupidity as well as our poor boy Elian, trapped in Florida - or not? He'll also touch upon one of my favorite subjects, women, and not in a nice way. So feminists get your pens ready, I'll expect some backlash. And that's good - the Mean Little Man can take anything you throw at him. I love the first amendment…

And be-bop by the Pan Pages ( and of course Legends Online ( If you're reading this online right now, rawk on! Otherwise get over there - hits have come down a bit since the move from to the new host so make sure you tell everyone about the address change as some people seem to be getting lost in cyberspace trying to find me. Send out a few search parties and point them in the right direction. If you have a link up reflecting, change it. And if you have a link direct to an article, here's an example of what to do:
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Basically, change the to and you're good to go. It's that simple.

So hope you enjoyed the issue. I'm not going to tell you about what's to come in the music biz for next month - I'll let you sweat.

Peace, love and all the trimmings! (But NOT the FAT!)

Marcus Pan
April 22, 2000 @ 2:27AM

(Still performing sleep deprivation experiments and failing miserably…sleep…such a waste of time…)