Editor’s Notes

So much going on, so little time to cover it all. I've been invited to the NYC debut of Nosferatu at Here, 145 Avenue of the Americas, and intend on making the opening on May 25th. Additionally, there's a lot of bands coming round and it's been way too long since I've skanked about QXTs in Newark, NJ. Just so much going on… (sigh)

This is a good month I think, though. Full coverage of Nosferatu in this issue (excepting, of course, the review of such - it's not here yet!), but you can find an interview with director Rene Migliaccio within. Speaking of interviews, Girls Under Glass turn back their questions and make it into this month's issue and Glampire returns a lengthy and in-depth feature. Review submissions are pouring in at a high rate - keep 'em coming! The latest to come in have been The Tracy Kash Band's Some Strong Potion (, Esion's En Route (, Apocrypho's Spiritual Cannibal (, and ThouShaltNot's self-titled debut as well as Noxious Emotion's newest, Elements, from ADSR Musicwerks ( Reviews on all of these coming. Meanwhile this month Mike Ventarola takes the front line and delves into a wide array of music, including Nosferatu (the band, not the play), Fallen Tears, Fear Of Dolls, Tara Van Flower and a pile more. His Hidden Sanctuary ( radio station at is consistently in the Top Ten - and is it any wonder?

Moving on, coming back from his hermit-style land of the dead is The Mean Little Man, kicking it hard with a new website at and joining us this month and in the future months with the latest Legends Magazine column, The Mean Little Column. So welcome back mang!

Anyway, it's time to move on. So enjoy this issue, one of my better ones I think, and drop me a line at SLATE!

Marcus Pan
April 21, 2000