CD Review

Kay Gardner - "Ocean Moon"

By Mike Ventarola

Ocean MoonIf I was forced to grab CD's out of my collection to rescue from a burning fire, this is among them. Ocean Moon is actually 2 albums in one. It comprises the instrumental portions of Mooncircles and the majority of Emerging, minus one track, by Ms. Gardner. This CD is a re-release of a classic and is readily available from one of my favorite music shops, Ladyslipper (

Back in the days as a baby witchling, there was very little in the way of recorded music for Pagans. What was available was generally a poor cassette recording of really lame music. We supported the music though because it was the beginning of what now has become quite an art form that is usually heralded as New Age.

I happened to stumble upon Mooncircles during its vinyl incarnation and discovered an expanse of sound unlike any that had been recorded up to that point. The notes deftly transported me back to a time of our Pagan ancestors. Within each track you will hear some of the most melodic flute and guitar compositions to ever truly evoke magic in your life. Ms. Gardner skillfully weaves notes that can only be described as sheer ecstasy and boundless joy.

Over the years, that vinyl album received a lot of repeated plays and did ultimately wear down. Luckily, the brilliant ladies who run Ladyslipper brought this classic into the new era by releasing it on CD format. What makes this music so special is that it can be utilized for craft working, meditating, or even during those long intimate nights with that special someone. This is sound that fits anywhere in your life without being overpowering and never boring. I am still playing this music 19 years after I initially purchased it if that should indicate its longevity for you. These tones speak to our spirit in multifaceted levels, guiding us along the path of enlightenment by focusing our mind's eye onto our chakras. It harmonizes the anima/animus within us, helping to compliment that which makes us the embodiment of light spirit in Her presence. This recording remains a hallmark that should be in every pagan household. Ms. Gardner has continued to record many other landmark albums which in time shall also be reviewed. If you are unfamiliar with her body of work, go to the Ladyslipper link and listen to the many sound samples that are available.

Familiarize yourself with one of the most gifted musicians in the women's music movement and know that the God and Goddess speak to us through her gift of music.

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