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Nosferatu - "Lord Of the Flies"

By Michael Ventarola

Lord of the FliesNosferatu is a band that has withstood many trials and tribulations in their career up to now. This CD, their fifth among six releases, comprises a newer venue that the band was trying to reach with the addition of Rat Scabies on drums. Doc. Milton contributed to this release as well having been a long time Nosferatu studio engineer/co-producer. This band has been beset with lineup changes that may have confused some of the fans, however, they are still with us, providing delicious dark music to fill our macabre lives. It is nice to have Dominic singing the music he is meant to sing after a brief departure on an earlier release. In case the reader is wondering, I do own all of their music and cannot get enough of this band. The lyrics to all of Nosferatu's music is available on their web site and it is a recommended visit.

Torturous opens with piano chords that kick start with Rat Scabies' drumming and danceable guitar rhythm that is purely intoxicating. It describes how "we all stand and face tomorrow, for too long we've stood alone." A gothic anthem to strive beyond the darkness.

Ascension has a more heavy metal rock flavor. We "overdose on darkness in the corridors of fire," while we see the angst of one who reveals "she's my ascension, my slow suicide…chase tomorrow, till there's nothing left inside." Dominic's reverbed vocals lend to the agony of this cut very well.

The Tempest, a gentle cascade of sound and ocean waves unfurls to electronic angelic choral backgrounds which wrap around the lead vocals. We meet the poisonous lips of our affection in what is a dark love song.

Witching Hour's simple piano melody starts this tune which rips open with a slash of guitar chord that pulls you from a reverie. A slow percussive groove metronomically defies us to not get up and dance as it ascends to an even faster rhythm. This song has one of the most tenacious choral refrains, "Set your spirit free, come across the sky to me, give in to insanity, the Witching Hour. Wait for me behind the door, I'll throw your body to the floor, we will part no more, the Witching Hour."

The Gauntlet once again utilizes provocative lyrics, "Living in tomorrow, died in yesterday, believe me when I say there's no where I'd rather be. I'm on my knees, you're where I pray, I'm on the floor tonight, I've had it all. When you're laying down I love to watch you crawl." This is a mid -tempo song given yet again a harder rock edge.

Six Feet Below is a testament to the thin line between love and hate. The dreaded reality moodily opens where we confront desire leading to despair. Our love leads us to wish the object of our affection dead and six feet under after being lied to.

Darkness Brings angelically and ethereally opens with a wisp of wind effect and minor piano chords. Once again, the band pulls you from a reverie with maddening drumming and guitar chords to dance us on the edge of darkness. We are asked, "Have you lost the will to save your soul, believe in the dreams that you were sold?" The song is honest, reflecting upon what we have been taught to believe about the world around us and the reality of what we experience.

Lord Of The Flies utilizes "spooky" chords with appropriately placed bass notes and pompous orchestral weaving for added dramatic tension. The song is mostly instrumental with a brief lyric line, "With the face of angels. He is the Lord…the Lord of he Flies."

Nosferatu, with an image of lace and velvet, remains on the forefront of the gothic underground. The band takes human emotions and blends the most poetic and macabre tones around them to delight us in an almost theatrical production to our own nightmares. This CD is a bit more hard edged than the previous works and my only complaint is that at times the vocals were somewhat hidden by heavy guitar work. All these cuts could be ably put on a DJ play list for a gothic dance club. Nosferatu cannot be compared to any other band, in my opinion, as they have their own sound and originality that some may try to misappropriate. If you like your gothic rock with a heavy beat and skillful, ghoulish lyrics, then this is a band to seek out.

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