By Marcus Pan

Welp, that's it this month. Short issue? Compared to recent ones, yes, I guess so. All the better - I close on my house on the last day of May. I get a paycheck that day too - but that's already spent. Oh, the stress.

Anyway, shout outs to the Mean Little Man who was on his way over here today when he got rear-ended by a Yorkie. Don't worry - he's fine. He's just got a few mounds of insurance paperwork to deal with and he's none the worse for the wear.

Next month we have a huge issue - close to double the size that this one is - to celebrate our 100th issue of Legends Magazine. Tons of music featuring interviews and reviews of Bella Morte and This Ascension. You'll also see reviews of work by Eye Kandy, Scary Valentine, the Cruxshadows, Exceed 6 Doses, MDFMK, Judith, Anima Sound System and tons more.

What else you ask? Well, Grandal's Eater continues, with parts four AND five next month. We have a double-shot of the Mean Little Man (I think this accident's going to get us at least one column stemming from the experience). R. Patrick Murtha's ghosties appear as well. And I'll be reviewing a recent release by the Chaosium, Inc., Press - The Disciples of Cthulhu. So check us out next month for the double-sized Legends #100!

Gotta go. My printer just had a cardiac and puked all over the Neurepublik review in this issue. Hmm… Well, at least it waited until it got the rest of the grub out before dying. [sigh] Kiss my ever-lovin' pale white ass, Gates.

Peace, love and all the trimmings! (But NOT the FAT!)

Marcus Pan
May 28, 2000
(Oh my goth, it's only been a few hours!)

P.S. How I intend on putting together a double sized issue AND move into a new house I don't know. I haven't quite figured that part out yet.

P.S.S. I may have finished this issue on time, but it'll be a little while before you hold it in your hands. Fundage problems. Again. [sigh] Hopefully, it won't be TOO far from now though. Somebody advertise, eh?