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Collide - Two Releases

By Rat Bastard

CollideSo as not to delude the reader with any presumption of unbiased opinion, I will open with this perfectly honest (and biased) statement: I like Collide. I like Collide a lot. I even have a Collide sticker on the back bumper of my car (which may not have been the most intelligent choice of automobile adornment, for obvious reasons).

Of course, I could fill volumes of children's books with such statements (Rat likes Collide. Rat likes to listen to Collide. Rat wants you to listen to Collide. etc et ad nauseam), but I will forego that approach in favor of a more articulate (and, hopefully, more convincing) means of furthering my agenda. After all, every review has an agenda, whether it be to steer the reader toward or away from the object of review, and I aim to steer not unlike a kamikaze pilot with an intravenous crack feed.

Collide is composed of Karin and Statik. In short, Karin makes all of the vocal noise, Statik makes all of the other noise, and the resulting combination of aggressive electronics and unearthly ethereal female vocals, to put it simply, works. Not only does it work, but it kicks much ass in the process.

Beneath the SkinCollide's debut album, Beneath the Skin, contains a wide range of music, from the fast-driving beat of its opener, Violet's Dance to the epic Pandora's Box, which starts off slowly, with little more than Karin's voice to carry the melody, and builds to noisy crescendo as Statik introduces more layers over time.

DistortThe followup, Distort, is a collection of remixes from the previous album, along with a few covers thrown in. Of particular note is Collide's version of Devo's Whip It, which is absolutely amazing. Devo's bleeps and blops are replaced with noise and heavy percussion, while Karin's purrs and whispers give the song far more "alluring" qualities. The remixes are all sufficiently different from the originals to be worth owning, from the relatively subtle changes in Beneath the Skin (Razor's Edge Mix) to the weirdness that is Violet's Dance (Abstract Dub Fuck).

Now that you've been briefed, go forth and buy both of these releases, especially if you're looking for something new and different in the world of industrial music. There are plenty of Front 242s, Leaether Strips, and FLAs in the world, but only one Collide. And with only two album releases, it should be a fairly inexpensive matter to get yourself fully primed for the release of the next album. I have been for quite some time now.

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Post: Collide, P.O. Box 2684, Van Nuys, CA, 91404-2684

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