CD Review

Confession of Faith - "Still Born"

By Mike Ventarola

Still BornTrack Listing:

1. Caliban
2. East ER
3. Sendown
4. Assembly Divide
5. Far
6. Crowd
7. Barrow
8. Stale Sin Sale
9. What Happens Then
10. Glamour Capital

In terms of professional presentation, Confession of Faith managed to deliver a highly credible, do-it-yourself project. The CD-R has a crisp sound with great graphics on it and the CD insert is a multi colored, multi-image, hard paper tri-fold. All the lyrics are included which depict some really great strides with thoughtful verse.All of the songs are presented with a British accent in a rather disaffected singsong/spoken style verse. After the first song however, this did become monotonous and I was anticipating a bit more vocal intonation than was presented. For a number of weeks this disc was played on many different CD players, hoping to glean other nuances from the source. Despite the usage of many sound samples, effects and loops, the monotone vocals just did not work well for my listening experience. I really wanted to like this disc and present a review that showered them with praise, but despite the care and effort for the music they did create, it seemed negated by the lack of sung vocals.

This was rather disconcerting since the lyrics demonstrate a great range of passion and inflection but the actual feel of it never came across as anything other than an industrial style rap music. There may in fact be a large audience who appreciate this form of industrial sound which incorporates apathetic vocals, however it just didn't work for me.

I do in fact hope this band appeals to some since the time, effort and professional presentation they put into its packaging is quite apparent.

Contact Information:
Post: 1677 Fernwood St., St. Paul, MN, 55108
Phone: (651) 489-7861