Editor’s Notes

Here we are again. Just one issue shy of hitting three digits! Believe you me, I never thought that would happen. Seriously. But I do have enough material from artists, reviewers, bands/labels, authors and more to keep this thing going for months to come as it stands right now. And that's not including the pile of assignments and expected work still coming in as we speak. Still fighting to get into national distro, but that's on hold right now as I complete the financial and legal garbage surrounding buying a house. Look for the address change come July - the Legends Magazine main office is moving from Sayreville to South River, New Jersey.

Well this month, we feature Michael Aston with reviews and an exclusive interview. Also, Austin Govella, one of my newest staff reviewers, turns in his first article for Legends Magazine. Austin is the editor of the zine Object-A. Check out, featuring the art of Naika Malveaux, music of Midnight Configuration and more this month online.

Sue Simpson this month returns with Breakfast In Bed, a one-shot tale of nastiness. Don't piss her off.

Dan looks into local Jersey music heroes Transilvia and what they're up to these days. And Rat dives into Collide. Jett Black interviews the front man of Girls Under Glass (which, if you were paying attention, was slated for last month but…I forgot (sorry about that Paul)). The Mean Little Man looks towards the opposite sex with expected malice. I read a bit of Burroughs and our latest author, Brian Willmott, turns in a science fiction tale called Lost. And yours truly attempts to break his mopey and depressed state of mind by forcing myself to put together another issue of Legends Magazine. So dive in.

Marcus Pan
May 28, 2000
5:55 PM
(Oh my goth, there's light outside!)