Advertise in Legends

Why Advertise With Legends?

The Magazine

Legends is dedicated to showcasing creative talents drawn to alternative, underground and dark-themed music.

Where more widely-known magazines may reach millions, we reach people who are into getting the real story on new music, underground issues, fiction, etc. We have made it a point to build our reputation on not pulling punches. We temper by opening our doors to independent and small-label artists that the big names wouldn't give the time of day to.

Unlike our competitors, we will never charge an artist to review them, no matter how limited their fanbase may be. Our staff is seriously into music and creative pursuits, and they speak from experienced tastes. Rolling Stone and MTV may go out looking for the next big thing in alternative genres to attract this group or that group. We don't have to. We are this group and that group.

The Readers

At a glance a marketer would categorize the Legends audience as a combination of Goth, Punk, Techno, and Metal listeners who seek out non-commercial venues and products. This is narrow, and is what has lead music to become so pigeon-holed and homogenized.

It is hard to peg who the 'typical' Legends reader is. We run the gamut of socioeconomic backgrounds and ages. They come from over 30 different countries of origin. Some things that can be said for them...

They are smart and savvy. They can spot a marketing line and a sales pitch a mile away.

They are outside the mainstream. They are the 'cool' people who are in the know about all the new bands. They go for music and fiction that speaks to them. They select their new music to try based on opinions of the magazines and friends that they trust. They shy away from commercialized venues because those venues tend to kiss ass to lesser artists if they have a fat bankroll.

They are the ones that have that 'look and attitude' that is always ahead of the curve; they don't need a brand name to be cool. And that hot new angst look currently being pushed by MTV and Hot Topic is likely something they got tired with 6 months previously.

They are loyal to brands based more on function than fashion. They will spend extra for quality if it makes sense.

They range from doctors and lawyers to musicians and fast food workers. What is it they have in common you might ask? They are not afraid to try new things. They have a wide range of tastes and interests. They continue to return to Legends because they want real opinions from real people. They know not everyone is going to advertise in Legends, so they are willing to take chances on those that do.

Who Should Advertise with Us?

Not everyone should advertise with us. We are a niche magazine. Even though we have a wide readership, it is spread out.

We are ideal for businesses seeking to reach a smart open-minded, out-of-the mainstream group thats spread out all over the country and the world who are willing to try new things and who aren't offended easily.

Companies, bands and individuals who have products and services available through the Internet, mail-order or are widely-distributed are ideal. We have limited value for local business that serve small geographic areas. But then again, we offer ads at a minimal cost. So it all comes down to what bang do you expect for your buck? Dollars in Legends go a long way.

There is no reason you have to advertise anything. You might just want 1/3 of our pages for your own message to a friend or relative, or the world.

The Benefits of legends Advertising

Anyone can advertise with us. We have published ads for everything from tupperware, to design services to marital aids. We have published ads done in crayon and ads that main-stream mags wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole due to sexual or offensive content. Hey, we want honest messages about the products sold in our magazine, not glossed over facades.

We have done everything we can to keep our advertising costs as low as possible. Money spent on Legends ads goes a lot further than other niche magazines.

By advertising in Legends you are not working with a conglomerate or a commercial ad-sales group. You are working directly with the owners. We would rather build relationships than marketing call lists. We'd rather have friends and not simply clients.